Sunday, May 21, 2017

What is an Artificial Womb?

In the future, human beings will no longer be born; instead they’ll be “grown” inside fluid-filled sacks that resemble an artificial womb. Viable humans even would be picked from fields that are full of artificial wombs; then we’d arrive to The Matrix world. Plus, even if Neo won’t need to battle agents and artificial reality within the future, news outlets thought we inched closer to this reality with lambs which were nurtured inside artificial wombs. Some other ones foreshadowed that we may completely change the idea of pregnancy. Babies, in the future, may not be developed inside the mother’s womb, yet inside a “biobag” completely controlled by technology. What is the assumption here? It’s fairly obvious: artificial wombs would replace real ones in the future irrespective of any psychological, physiological, or other consequences. Furthermore, as technology’s process overtaking healthcare already is on an advanced level, most hospitals already should feature high-tech laboratories that are full of artificial wombs. Nope, they don’t!

Artificial wombs might save the lives of premature babies

The artificial womb has been successfully tested. Watch this YouTube video.

I must emphasize that an artificial womb is a great innovation, even though it still is in the early stages of development.

In the future, therefore, it’ll help to save the lives of premature babies, which means born prior to 24 weeks, and additionally preventing them from having long-range medical problems later on. As a premature infant is born, and air streams inside the lungs, the developmental procedure of maturing a lung becomes damaged. In keeping them inside an environment such as what the womb offers (and allowing them to “breathe” fluid), the lung tissue development may be extended. Plus, as the fluid-filled bag may better mimic life inside the womb, it may help to prevent infections, oftentimes a prevalent risk in the case of incubators.

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