Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Advances in Medical Technology to Look Forward to

Today, we discuss 3 top futuristic medical technologies:

In silico clinical trials

Transferring from extremely expensive and long clinical trials to small microchips that may be utilized as models of human organs, cells, or entire physiological systems offers clear benefits. Components or drugs might be tested on them without limits that might make clinical trials more accurate and faster (in all cases the circumstances and conditions would be the same). Organs-on-Chips technology has the ability to utilize stem cells to mimic body organs with a sequence of devices. Most specialists think this technology might revolutionize clinical trials, as well as completely replace animal testing. Also, it might improve cancer care.

Real-time data

It isn’t just about monitoring and checking vital signs –intervention is the key to better health. Imagine sensors embedded in the teeth that are able to recognize jaw movements, speaking, coughing, and even smoking in order for it to record when you consume too much food or smoke no matter what your physician told you. It’ll be very difficult not to follow your doctor’s advice. Imagine the exact same wireless technology utilized in organs that prove real-time data.

Medical tricorders

If using thin e-skins or having an embedded sensor isn’t a viable choice for us, let us make an old dream come to life. The idea of the Star Trek’s tricorder has been in existence for years and we still do not have it.

Devices like Scanadu is an early stage mobile device that empowers patients, or Viatom Checkme which not just measures an individual’s body temperature, but also traces ECG, measures rhythm and pulse rate, systolic blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and sleep and physical activity, fully transforming the concept of healthcare. Rather than frequently waiting for the verdict of a medical professional, patients will be able to control their own health.

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