Monday, May 1, 2017

Medicine in the Future

It’s always challenging to find the projects that have the biggest possibility to be utilized in day to day medical practices, yet below include the most promising candidates that fulfill this idea.

Medical three-dimensional printing

If guns and additional items may now be printed and the biotechnology sector is working on even printing living cells; why might the appearance of three-dimensional printed drugs be a shock? It’ll ruin and re-design the entire world of pharmaceuticals, yet regulation will be a big challenge as anyone will have the ability to print any type of drugs containing patented molecules in their home. Bionic ears, as well as simpler organs are going to be printed at an individual’s bedside.

Gamifying behavior change

Compliance and adherence represent critical issues in improving individuals’ health and reducing the expense of delivering healthcare. Many start-ups targeted this problem with various solutions like a pill bottle which glows blue as a medicine dose should be consumed and red as a dose is missed; or small digestible sensors which may be placed inside pills and may transmit pill digestion information to family members and physicians. While individuals don’t like the word adherence as they have a desire to be partners with their caregivers instead of following orders, health insurance providers will utilize an increasing amount of information to check whether the individuals comply with their prescriptions to reduce their insurance expenses. The popular Pokemon Go motivated individuals to walk more which may lead to battling obesity when playing the game.

New diseases

New kinds of diseases are going to appear because of the excessive usage of virtual reality options in gaming and additional industries, which include healthcare. Virtual Reality as an extension of Internet activity and especially that of gaming also might lead to addiction. Expect to witness ICD codes that are assigned to these types of new conditions.

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