Saturday, May 20, 2017

What are the Top Specialties to Benefit from Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is growing in popularity with physicians and patients and has seen the expansion of services into different medical specialities. Every medical service provider and specialist has the potential to use telemedicine for data sharing, video consultations and remote monitoring of patients.
It is incredibly useful for patients who live in rural and sparsely populated areas in providing access to specialists in various fields of medicine. This ensures that they get access to quality healthcare at all times.

·        Teleradiology

CT scans, X-rays and other radiographic images can be sent from one location to the other. The records of the patient can be sent in a secured manner to a qualified radiologist at another location, so that the patient can get a good consultation without having to wait long for diagnosis.

·         Telenursing

The use of information technology and telecommunications have made it possible to provide nursing services when a large physical distance exists between the nurse and the patient.

·         Tele Psychiatry 

Videoconferencing can be used to provide treatment to patients remotely. A wide range of services can be offered to patients including assessment and diagnosis, educational clinical programs, consultation between psychiatrists, medication management, and follow up meetings.

·         Tele Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical solutions are provided to patients who may not have access to a pharmacist.

·         Telepathology

Telecommunication technology is used to transfer pathology data for the purpose of diagnosis to distant locations. The pathologist then selects the video images for analysis and diagnosis.

·         Teleophthalmology

Ophthalmologists can make use of technology to examine patient’s eyes and check the treatments given from a distance.

·         Tele Obstetrics

Prenatal care can be provided by obstetricians from afar. This means that the recording of a baby’s heart can be done at one facility and the report can be sent to the obstetrician at another facility for diagnosis.

The benefits of telemedicine are not limited to any specific medical specialities, as they are a great fit for any kind of virtual medical care. Additionally, both private and government payers are now reimbursing services provided via telemedicine, and it could be a great additional source of revenue for providers.

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