Tuesday, May 2, 2017

10 Unconventional Methods of Increasing Productivity

The way to sometimes boost your staff’s productivity includes the one you would least expect. The answer might lie in a thermostat or perhaps a light bulb. Even though some of the items might, at first glance, seem silly, the below list might be the key to boosting the productivity of your staff.

Just let the music play

One 2005 study proved that employees who listened to music when working completed their work more rapidly and produced better ideas than the ones who did not.

Adjust the lights

It has been shown that employees lose 15 minutes per day to eye focusing issues because of direct lights.

Encourage gum chewing

Gum chewing five minutes before doing cognitive activities enhanced performance for the initial 15 to 20 minutes after chewing gum. The explanation was explained as “mastication-induced arousal.”

Decrease meeting times

Each doctor, on average, in a medical group will lose $21,000 in charges per year because of time spent in meetings.

Go green

An exam of 5,220 French companies uncovered that workers at companies that observed eco-friendly practices were 16 percent more productive than average employees.

Institute naptime

 …however, only ten minutes’ worth. Studies show it to be the optimal time while searching to boost the productivity of your staff, with lengthier naps creating groggy workers.

Shorten emails

Keeping emails specific and short will make them simpler to compose, thereby decreasing the time emailing and boosting the time spent doing work responsibilities.

Permit web surfing

Research from the National University of Singapore proved that mindless Internet surfing (done in moderation) actually can boost the productivity of your staff.

Supply snacks that enhance productivity

Coffee, green tea, yogurt, dark chocolate, walnuts, and berries all have been shown to affect brain processes which enhance productivity.

Thermostat adjustment

One 2004 Cornell study proved that increasing the temperature from 68℉ - 77℉ decreased typing mistakes by 44 percent and boosted typing output by 150 percent.

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