Monday, April 24, 2017

Time Management for Healthcare Professionals

With your patients’ health on the line, you do not want increased demand to produce sloppy service, meaning now is the time to begin to hone your time management skills. Below are 5 tips for time management for healthcare professionals which should permit you to treat more individuals:

Set up Goals

As things get hectic, the last thing you’ll want is to run around like a chicken with your head cut off. Take some time to set up goals, as well as create a sense of purpose for the work week. Establish goals for thirty, sixty, and ninety days. Jot them down, and talk about them with the supervisor to receive extra input. Next, schedule some time at the start and finish of every week to assess your progress, action items, and goals.

Prioritize Your Work Day

When you arrive for work, it may be difficult to hit the ground running, yet time spent checking Facebook, wandering the halls, and drinking coffee is wasted time. Write out the specific tasks that you must complete every day and the time needed to complete them.

Ask Your Organization to Use EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Request that your organization switch over to electronic health records, if your employer has not already done so. Such records cut paperwork down while making it simpler to locate valuable patient data.

When Possible, Delegate

Do not assume you’re able to do it all by yourself. If there is extra available help, use it. Volunteers, interns, administrative staff, and medical assistants are there for a reason; therefore, take advantage of their assistance.

Understand When to Say No

Your coworkers know you are busy, yet that will not stop them from requesting help. Become realistic about your workload and agree only to take on patients or projects if there is enough time.

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