Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Subtle Warning Indications that Your Work Environment Sucks

By Kristen Brady

As far as a work environment is concerned, what are a few warning indications that it sucks?

1. Complaints of trivial things: As unresolved problems pile up, trivial subjects become objects of dissatisfaction.

2. Decisions that were previously made are reevaluated constantly. Deadlines slip constantly: It’ll create doubt that any decisions may be made. Also, it’ll send the unintended message that no matter how hard people worked to come to a decision; it will not last – so why try?

3. Workers scrutinize the email contents from fear of reprisal for making any mistakes: I have seen workers agonize over sending banal emails from fear of making mistakes.

4. Execs have a pattern of diving headfirst into the information rather than setting the direction: Execs spend a lot of time setting vision and context for the company. How to accomplish the vision is employees and middle management work.

5. Meetings seldom begin on time. Meeting’s purpose is not clear: Browse your calendar. How many meetings do you think were useful and productive? What is the annoyance of poor meetings costing you?

6. Rarely do managers make themselves available due to back-to-back meetings: If managers are not available, it’ll slow progress on deliverables and decisions down. Employee concerns/issues aren’t addressed in a timely manner.

7. Employee breaking points are more obvious: Browse the amount of workers out on stress leave. What is going on with the attrition rate? Absenteeism? How is productivity? Are your leading performers starting to show indications of wear and tear, or even worse, leaving?

If many of the above situations are present within your environment at work, it is time for management to get together and decide how to address those warning signs. I am an advocate of starting a conversation with workers by merely having a conversation: “I have started to notice these things and am a little concerned with how they’re making an impact on you and the work environment. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.”

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