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Stolen Patient Records: Your Next Medical PR tragedy

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By Kristen Brady

Cybersecurity specialists warn that EHRs (electronic health records) include an appealing target for hackers for many reasons:
  • The healthcare sector is comparatively fresh to digital data storage. More youthful electronic medical records (EMR’s) installations are defense-minded or less secure.
  • This sector is more fragmented than other ones, like banking. Plus, health information is more vulnerable. It’s shared by numerous offices and providers, support and service companies, as well as individuals.
  • On the black market, personal identifier information is valuable. Stolen credit cards may be canceled. However, Social Security numbers, names, and similar data may be repeatedly used to obtain loans or commit additional fraudulent offenses.
Preparing for pending medical PR messes

There isn’t any “good news” part to being the victim of ransom and/or identity theft. Statistics report that it is likely to occur to you. Use some time to get yourself ready ahead of time for how to deal with the public relations, marketing, as well as patient experience part of “bad news.” Here are a few steps you can take:
  • Make a strategy which includes your whole company. Realize that it is a looming crisis which deserves the attention and time of top management, as well as every department.
  • Offer maximum disclosure along with minimum delay. Allow the whole organization and public to know the pertinent and timely information.
  • You should direct news media contacts to designated spokespersons. Always be responsive and forthright, yet coordinate precisely who speaks for the company.
  • Use additional communication techniques to educate patients, the community and all stakeholders. Do not rely on outside news media to “spread the word” to the general public.
  • Be consistent and regular with updates and news. Nobody enjoys “bad news.” However, the public has an appreciation for truthful distribution of critical details and news.

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