Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why Won't Anyone Follow Me on Twitter?

     By Kristen Brady

I have noticed a couple of things companies and people do on Twitter that they may want to reconsider. Let us today, talk about why you may find very few individuals following you, in spite of all of your desires to the contrary. Below are 4 major ones which are holding you back:

You seldom tweet. I hope this one isn’t a mystery. You cannot win if you do not play. For example, I will check Tweepi before following you back. If you have not tweeted within the past 10 to 20 days, I will simply ignore you. Do you want more followers? Just tweet!

Your company’s avatar sucks. Do you have an egg head? It’s unlikely that people will follow you, because you appear as if you are lazy or a spammer – or just a lazy spammer. Do you have an animated avatar? They catch your eye, sure – but they’ll bug people! No follow backs. Plus, here is one which few businesses get: logos. If the avatar is a logo, instead of a person, this means you are here to sell and broadcast. That isn’t social, and people are going to avoid you. Twitter’s a social medium. Look it up. S-o-c-i-a-l.

No engagement, all broadcast. There is that word again, broadcast, meaning a one-way conversation – it is how ‘ol school media worked. Guess what? IT NO LONGER WORKS! Speak along with me, and NOT at me.

You do not follow back. If I notice that you have 200 followers, or even 2,000, but you just follow 16 of them yourself, I will not bother following you. And, why should I? You do not reciprocate; you are not social.

These little things make a huge difference in the Twitter world, my favorite medium. Will the above advice change your life? Probably not. Will it assist you in having more fun, and making more friends? I think it will – and some of these friendships probably will enrich your life, as they did mine. You tell me. Give the above tips a try and let us know how they’re working for you!

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About the Author: 

Kristen Brady is the founder and owner of Kaboom Social Media, your social media marketing and content specialists! Follow her on Twitter: @kb54927